Used 490 SF Evo pulse jet dust collector. #30SL587

Used 490 SF Evo pulse jet dust collector

Used 490 SF Evo pulse jet dust collector, 490 square ft surface area. This is an industrial sized dust collection / air filter system with carbon steel construction. Unit dimensions are 56" x 56" x 90" straight side, x 48" cone bottom, (49) 6" diameter x 56" long bags, 7.5" outlet, 10" air inlet, 12" air outlet. There is side access on legs and the discharge height is 42". #30SL587

More used EVO dust collection and air filtering systems are available, as well as collection units from other manufacturers. Some, but not all units are listed just below the pictures of item #30SL587, in the the page listing titled "Dust and mist collectors".