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guillotine cutters

Guillotine cutters for sale

Guillotine cutters for sale, used Air Act, Black Clawson, Spadone and others. Unit sizes/blade widths of guillotine/bale cutters: 72", 29", 28", 23", 18". Also see rubber cutters.

Used Denison oil guillotine cutter

Reynolds Machinery Company, 19" blade, cutter # wh3

Used Spadone 29" guillotine/bale cutter

Used Spadone 29" guillotine/bale cutter, (about 70cm). Down acting. 1 hydraulic cylinder (about 6" O.D). 2 posts. 5 hp hydraulic cylinder. Cutter #CX97565

Used 28" guillotine cutter

Used 28" Whiptastic guillotine cutter. The information tag is unreadable.

Used 18" guillotine cutter

Used 18" Pneumatic guillotine, 23" feed, 19" discharge tables, down acting with cylinder. #33SL584