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Used 150 hp Cumberland Model X1400 granulator, 56 x 24. #41SL499

Used 150 hp Cumberland Model X1400 granulator, 56 x 24

Used Cumberland plastic granulator with a 150 hp motor for sale, has a 56" wide x 24" deep grinding chamber. Open rotor/5 knife. Equipped with a scrap plastic feed hopper. Manufacturing date: 2000. Model X1400. Stock #41SL499.

More used Cumberland granulators are for sale as well, ranging from 200 horsepower - 20 horsepower. Also available is plastic grinding equipment from other manufacturers & sizes range from 300 horsepower - 15 horsepower.

Click rotor image to enlarge, plus specifications below pictures.


Machine specifications

Cumberland Model X1400
56" wide x 24" deep grinding chamber
5 knife open rotor
150 horsepower motor
Manufacturing date: 2000
Plastic feed hopper included
Secondhand condition
Manufacturing date: 2000
Stock #41SL499

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