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Used ribbon mixers for sale, powder and paste blenders

Used ribbon mixers for sale, powder and paste blenders. Finger paddle, double spiral, more. Brands include Aaron, American Process, Cutler, JH Day, Hayes, Howes, Marion, Readco, Reynolds, Scott, Sprout Waldron Vitriol Canada, and Young. Some sizes: 23 CF, 170 CF, 190 CF, 200 CF, 250 CF, 260 cubic ft, 300 CF, 512 CF. Some chrome plated, stainless steel. These mixer blenders are used in the food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries. 1) Agitator paddle design mixers - paddles move materials in opposing lateral directions and radially, normally used where friable materials are to be blended. 2) Ribbon agitator mixing machines uses inner and outer helical agitators to move materials both radially and laterally to thoroughly blend in short cycle times.

Used ribbon mixers over 150 cubic feet (c.f.) capacity

Used Howes 10' x 20' horizontal tank ribbon mixer for sale, 1700 c.f. 15 PSI at 100 degrees f. Mixing shaft is approximately 14" in diameter with ribbons and the approximate final RPM is 1.6 R.P.M. #47SL080

10' x 20' horizontal tank ribbon mixer for sale

Used 400 C.F. Aaron Process stainless steel double ribbon mixer (sanitary stainless steel). 74" W x 145" long. 75 horsepower motor drive. Item #24SL43

double ribbon in the mixer

Used 300 C.F. single ribbon mixer, steel, jacketed. Previously used on vinyl at 10,000 pound capacity. Motor is belt driven to parallel shaft gear reducer. #400091x

Used Sprout Waldron 10' x 64" x 64" double ribbon mixer, 25 H.P. with Falk gear reducer. 260 cubic ft capacity (c.f.). Stainless steel. #400030x

Used Reynolds 250 CF double ribbon mixer, 75 H.P. with gear reducer. 12' x 64"W X 70"D. #400031X

Used Ross ribbon mixer, model 42N-215, 215 C.F. working capacity. Stainless steel. Trough is about 54" w x 144" L x 58" deep. Manufactured in 2001. #27SL871

Used Young 200 CF ribbon mixer, 50 H.P. (Double ribbons chrome plated), jacketed, center bottom outlet. Bag feed station. Gearbox with 17:1 ratio. #400032x

Used stainless steel 190 C.F. ribbon mixer, 25 H.P. single speed motor. 175"L x 48"W trough. Center bottom outlet. 12" OD center shaft and 3"W X 1" thick inner ribbon. 2.5"W x 1" thick outer ribbon. No legs. #400033x

Used Howes 170 C.F. double spiral ribbon blender, 75 H.P. motor with reducer. 4'W x 12'L through. Inner and outer ribbon welded to posts. Top cover and end bottom outlet. #400034x

Ribbon mixer for sale list, under 150 C.F.

Used Aaron 150 c.f. ribbon blender, 50 h.p. AC belt driven. Steel non jacketed. Has center bottom outlet, approximately 48" discharge height. #400092x

Used JH Day 100 c.f. double ribbon blender, 60 h.p. 304 stainless steel. 40" x 120" x 47" deep trough. Outboard roller bearings and packing glands with air purge seals. 460 volt motor drive. 40" discharge height. #400093x

Used 75 cubic feet Young stainless steel ribbon blender. Trough is 42" wide x 96" long x 46" deep. 8" center bottom discharge opening. 1984. #50SL429

Used 70 C.F. Readco stainless steel double ribbon blender. 20 h.p. motor drive, chain & sprocket driven. Trough is 36" W x 120" long (approximately). 8" center bottom outlet. #40SL919

Used 66 c.f. Howes stainless steel ribbon blender, 36" w x 96" L trough, double ribbon, outboard roller bearings, air purge seals, 25 h.p. 230/460 volt motor drive. 33SL100

Used 62 C.F. Day double ribbon blender, 304 stainless steel, 40 horsepower. Trough is 36" wide x 96" long. 8" bottom discharge (approximately). #32SL855

Used Vitriol Canada 60 c.f. food powder mixer. Food grade 304l stainless steel. 460 volt. With loading elevator. #400094x

Used 58 CF SS Sprout Waldron model B-58 double ribbon blender. Trough is 38" w x 89" L. No drive, chain driven. 6" center bottom outlet. #27SL155

Used Young 50 c.f. double ribbon blender, 15 h.p. Steel. Jacket rated at 15 p.s.i. Has end bottom outlet. 460 volt. Approximately a 48" discharge height. Internal dimensions 40" x 68". Mfd.1981. #400095x

Used 50 cubic feet stainless steel double ribbon blender. 6" bottom outlet, outboard roller bearings, packing glands, chain and sprocket. No motor drive. 34" W x 82" L , 38" high. Areco. #13SL943

Used 23 C.F. Day ribbon blender, 10 H.P. Blender is 25" long X 66" wide X 28" high. (10 H.P. - 208/220/440V). #502629mv.

Used paddle mixer for sale list

Used Marion paddle mixer, 36" x 96" trough, stainless steel product contact surfaces. Bottom discharge is 8" x 8". 10 H.P. Model 3061. #30SL601

Used Marion 30 c.f. 4 paddle mixer, 15 h.p. Jacketed stainless steel paddle. 38" x 51" x 51" long. Jacket rated 150 p.s.i. @100 degrees f. 3/60/460 volt motor thru dodge reducer. #400096x

Used 250 cubic feet stainless steel ribbon paddle blender (316L S/S). 60" W x 11' L trough. Inner ribbon without paddle agitator. 25 hp, chain and sprocket driven. Outboard roller bearings. 12" x 36" bottom center discharge into 12" x 92" discharge screw conveyor. American Process. Blender #38SL607

Used 385 c.f. American Process paddle mixer, stainless steel, 72" x 144" x 80" insulated trough, 12" slide gate valve, 60 h.p. 230/460 volt motor, 51.76:1 gearbox, new 1999. 28SL219

Used American Process 400 cubic ft. paddle mixer blender, carbon steel. 462 c.f. total. 6' D x 16' L. Curved cantered paddle blades. Staybolt jacket, 12" bottom outlet, 6" top nozzle. Anti friction roller bearings. 60 H.P. gear reduced chain and sprocket drive. #15SL269

Used Cutler 30 H.P. finger paddle blender, 512 C.F. total capacity, 358 cubic feet working capacity. (8' x 8' x 8'). Has a 6" diameter center bottom outlet with a slide gate valve. #400028X

Carbon steel ribbon blenders for sale

Used Readco 170 cf double ribbon mixer, carbon steel. Jacketed trough (48" x 14'). Rated 15 P.S.I. at 300 F (148 C). 8" bottom outlet. 42" discharge. Outboard roller bearings. Chain and sprocket driven. #19SL255

Used 150 C.F. Munson carbon steel double ribbon mixer. 30 h.p. xp motor. Discharge height: Approximately 42". Center bottom outlet: 10". #25SL83

Used American Process 400 cubic ft. paddle mixer, carbon steel. 462 c.f. total. 6' D x 16' L. Curved cantered paddle blades. Staybolt jacket, 12" bottom outlet, 6" top nozzle. Anti friction roller bearings. 60 H.P. gear reduced chain and sprocket drive. #15SL269

Used 1000 c.f. Hayes Stolz double ribbon mixer, carbon steel, 92" x 216" x 101" trough, (3) 32" x 32" side access doors, 13" x 18" bottom end discharge, 150 h.p. motor, 1994. 37SL597