Dust collectors

Used dust collectors for sale

Used dust collectors for sale. Industrial dust collection systems for factories and other businesses to keep all that dust out of the air. Various filter systems. Keep your air clean without cleaning out your wallet. Inventory includes equipment manufactured by Cylindrical, Pulse jet. Brands: Evo, Kleissler, Mac, Mikro Pulsaire, Pulsaire, SF Mikro, Shick, Torit, Tri-mer, Ventilation Technologies.

Used Ventilation Technologies mist collector, Model LD-12. 3 stage function. 7.5 HP. 480 volt motor. 4000 cubic feet per minute (30,000 sq ft per hour), like new condition. (2 available) #wh105.

Used 7500 CFM tri-mer dust collector, 40 HP. Model IE.19.AH. New in 1999. #503617mv

Used 6380 C.F.M. Torit dust collector, pulse jet, model 2DF8, carbon steel, 1520 sq. ft. filter area, (16) cartridge design less filters, 40 HP blower. #29SL884

Used 2648 cubic feet per minute Mikro Pulsaire dust collector for sale, 828.52 S.F. Carbon steel, reverse pulse jet design, "epikote" epoxy coating on contact surfaces, (45) sleeves, 15 H.P. blower, discharge conveyor. #18SL985

Used Torit dust collectors, 1800 sf cloth area, pulse jet type collector. #37SL952

Used 754 SF Pulsaire dust collector, pulse jet. Model 80S-8-20, stainless steel, (80) 4" x 8' bags, 5' cone bottom, on legs, O.A.D. 6 1/2' L-R x 6 1/2' F-B x 15 1/2' H. #17SL547

Used 500 SF Kleissler dust collector, pulse jet, carbon steel, approx 5' x 5' x 10' high chamber on legs less blower. #32SL667

Used 495 SF Mikro dust collector for sale. Model 37-6-25, stainless steel, (42) 10' long bags. 20 HP. #21SL896

Used 490 SF Evo dust collector, pulse jet, 56" x 56" x 90" straight side, x 48" cone bottom, side access on legs with 42" discharge height. #30SL587

Used 484 SF Shick dust collector, (cylindrical) pulse jet. Model 84HV46, (46) 5" Diameter x 96" Long bags. #30SL348

Used 470 SF Torit dust collector, model TJ460, (50) bags, approx. 45 cu. ft. bottom hopper, side entry. #26SL806

Used 462 SF Pulsaire 49520 dust collector, pulse jet, stainless steel, (49) 8' long bags, on legs, O.A.D. 6' x 4.5' x 6'L. #17SL544

Used 450 SF Evo dust collector, pulse jet, NBE super sack discharge stand and blower, side entry., carbon steel, (42) 6" x 84" bags. #27SL557

Used 177 SF Torit dust collector, model VS1500, all stainless steel, 1500 cfm nominal flow rate, 5 hp blower. #33SL318

Used 138 SF Mac dust collector, pulse jet. Model 72 AVS16-2, stainless steel, (16) 5.5" x 6' bags, 2 HP blower. #28SL350