Centrifuges for sale

Centrifuges for sale, industrial/commercial size used equipment including; basket centrifuges; continuous solid bowl an decanter centrifuge machines. ATM/Sanborn, Bird, DeLaval, Ketema, Krauss Maffei, Sharples, Tolhurst, Western States, and occasionally different brands for sale. Different style centrifuges are used for different things such as: Drying sludges in wastewater treatment; As oil industry machinery to remove solids from drilling fluid or to separate water & solids from bitumen; used to separate fat from milk; and of course, there is the washing machine style centrifuge.

Centrifuges spin very fast.

When it comes to extracting liquid from solids, centrifuges really take the cake.

Used centrifuge for sale categories

Basket centrifuges brands include: ATM, Delaval, Krauss Maffei, Sharples, Western States, Sanborn.

Centrifuges - Bird, Dorr Oliver Merco, Sharples. More available.

Used Decanter centrifuges for sale: Alfa Laval decanter ; Dorr Oliver; Sharples, etc.

Used Bird continuous solid bowl centrifuge for sale

Special centrifugal equipment

Special industrial centrifugal equipment that may interest you.

Used Western States basket centrifuge for sale
Used-DeLaval-Mark-III-centrifuge for sale