Multi-layer sheet extrusion lines

Multi-layer sheet extrusion lines for sale

Multi-layer sheet extrusion lines for sale. Machinery used to make plastic, rubber, vinyl sheets used to make semi-truck liners, tarps, vinyl flooring, automobile covers, carpet padding, and more in conjunction with auxiliary/secondary machines. Some sheet machines for sale include: Davis Standard, PTI Trident. A multi-layer sheet making system consists of various combinations of machines, example may be: A sheet stack/calender machine, an extruder, a conveyor, a roller & stretcher and a sheet cutter. The difference between a multi-layer sheeting system & a regular sheet forming machine set up is the way rollers are set up, basically two or more sheets of plastic, rubber, etc are pressed/squished together to make one sheet, hence the term "Multi-Layer". Also inquire "extrusion line upstream & downstream equipment", including, sheet grinders, conveyors, roll up winder systems, etc. More sheet equipment available, this is a partial list. Contact Davey Industries.

Used PTI 84" multi layer sheet extrusion line system.