Plastic sheet extrusion

Plastic sheet extrusion equipment

Used plastic sheet extrusion equipment for sale, sheet chill roll stack & take off systems, plastic sheet dies and some plastic sheet grinders. The sheet stacks & take off systems include PTI, NRM, OMV 84", 54", 1190 mm, 33", 8". Used sheet and flex lip sheet dies: 90", 80", 78", 64", 54", 46", 34", 8".

Used 84" sheet take off system, PTI chill stack take off system with chrome rolls, in j arrangement for upstack, 24" dia bottom roll, 40" diameter middle & top rolls. #31SL165

Used 54" 3 roll sheet chill roll stack, NRM,12" diameter chromed cored rolls. Top tensioning roll, 3 hp. 29SL814

Used 8" x 4" cored chill roll stack for sale. It has an 8" X 3" diameter top cored roll & 8" x 4" diameter bottom cored rolls. 1/2 h.p. motor. #33SL926

Used 90" sheet die, Extrusion Dies inc, model HRC 300, model HRC 300, .000" - .300 die gap, 7 heating zones, 240 volt. 344371

Used 90" Extrusion Dies inc sheet die. Adjustable upper lip, restrictor bar, deckling, back center feed, 240 volt. 344631

Used 80" flex lip die, EDI, flexible upper and fixed lower lip, .025" to .1" opening range, side feed with 1.25" opening, 7 zones, 480 volt. 221145

Used 78" EDI flex lip die, model R75 for sale, restrictor bar, back center feed, removable lower lip, spare lips from .225-.300, .300-.375, and .325-.575. #243431

Used 64" E.D.I. sheet die, with adjustable upper lip, restrictor bar, back center feed, 240 volt. #343633

Used 54" EDI flex lip sheet die, Ultraflex 40, flexible upper lip, 5 zones. 302105

Used 8" EDI model H40 flex lip die, auto flex mechanism, 40 mm die gap, removable lower lip. 19SL228

Plastic sheet granulators for sale, used. Partial listing below, click link above to see all advertised sheet grinders.

Used Cumberland model 56T sheet grinder for sale, 20 hp, low profile, with a 3 h.p. blower, cyclone and material hopper. Built in 2004. Item #47SL717

Used 24 h.p. plastic sheet grinder, Cumberland Model 56T 3KN. Includes a 44" wide nip roll to feed scrap plastic when installed underneath a trim press in a thermoforming line. Item #261802x