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Used Internal mixers

Used internal mixers for sale

Used internal mixers for sale, Maccaniche Moderne, Shaw, Shaw Intermix, & Werner & Pfleiderer internal mixers.

Used Shaw internal mixer

Used Shaw internal mixer, 27 liter jacketet mixing chamber, rated approx. 60 lbs., model K2A, cored rotors, 150 H.P. DC, direct unidrive gear box, feed hopper with hydraulic ram and stuffer.  Mixer # 19SL100


Used Maccaniche Moderne internal mixer

https://sites.google.com/a/rubberandplasticmachinery.com/www/home/mixers/internal-mixers/used_internal_mixers.jpg?attredirects=0Used Maccaniche Moderne internal mixer, 10 liter jacketed chamber, lab mixer, designed for plastified PVC, cored rotors, pneumatic stuffer, drop door discharge. (79/52 H.P.), unidrive gearbox, Mixer # 16SL558


Used shaw intermix internal mixer

https://sites.google.com/a/rubberandplasticmachinery.com/www/home/mixers/internal-mixers/used_shaw_internal_mixer_equipments.jpg?attredirects=0Used shaw intermix internal mixer, 69 liter, 4200 cu in jacketed chamber, cored rotors with rotary unions, 400 hp DC, # 33SL075.


Looking for internal mixers?

Never fear, rubber and plastic mixers is one of our specialties. We have mixers out the wazoo

Used Werner & Pfleiderer Internal Mixers

Used Werner & Pfleiderer Internal Mixers, jacketed, (53 gallon working), (120 gallon total capacity), cored rotors, approx 100/50 KW motor and gear box. Mixer # 15SL506

Used 10 liter internal mixer for 13.3 Kg PVC

Used 10 liter internal mixer for 13.3 Kg PVC, Maccaniche Modern, cored rotors, drop door discharge, 59/39 KW motor, 167558

Used internal mixers, 200 liter capacity, Werner

Used internal mixers, 200 liter capacity, Werner. 450 liter (total capacity), cored rotors, hydraulic tilt bowl, approx 100/50 KW motor. #159506 (2 available)