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Used continuous mixers for sale

Used continuous mixers for sale

Used continuous mixers for sale. Industrial mixing equipment to mix an knead batches of plastic and other stuff. APV, Baker Perkins, Farrel, more available.

  • Used Baker Perkins twin shaft continuous mixer

    Used Baker Perkins continuous mixer, twin shaft, 7 1/2" segmented screws, 54" split barrel, jacketed for 125 PSI at 650 degrees F, 3 H.P. variable, dual feed. mixer # 13SL450

  • Used Baker Perkins model MP continuous mixer

    Used Baker Perkins model MP continuous mixer for sale, the screws are 5" D x 36" L. Jacketed for 150 PSI @338 degrees f. 15 hp variable speed. Extra parts/accessories. Item #AM4573

  • Used AVP continuous mixer

    Used AVP continuous mixer/extruder, 40mm & 16:1 L/D, co-rotating, jacketed barrel, 4 barrel zones, brabender metering/feeding system, rated 5-650#/hr. Item Number: 21SL641

  • Used APV Baker Perkins model CP1100 continuous mixer

    Used APV Baker Perkins model CP1100 continuous mixer with intermeshing screws. Up to 100 c., 4 zone, water cooled. Up to 150 RPM. 15 hp AC with inverter. Very little use. Item #AM7898

  • Used Farrel continuous mixer

    Used Farrel continuous mixer/extruder, mixer has cored #15 rotors with rotary unions, 30 H.P. DC, SCR controller. Mixer discharges into 3.25" & 10:1 L/D Farrel hot feed extruder, electrically heated, air cooled, 20 H.P. DC motor with SCR controller,: 24SL824

  • Used 4" Kurimoto continuous mixer, kneader

    Used 4" Kurimoto continuous mixer/kneader for sale with co-rotating screws & a 28" long barrel, 4" paddles. 2002. Controls included. Item #AM8369.