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Rubber preformers, pre-form extruders, used

Used rubber preformers, pre-former/extruders

Used rubber preformers, preformer/extruders. 10" Barwell pre-former and Dieffenbacher preforming/extruder equipment. This machinery is used used to preform shapes of rubber into a wide range of general shapes and sizes as the rubber comes out of the extruder. 1 example of a rubber preformer head shape is a shoe sole. This saves time in manufacturing.

Used 10" Barwell rubber preformer

Used 10" Barwell rubber preformer, x 56" long barrel. Hydraulic pumping system. Max batch 65 KG #px8097

Used Dieffenbacher 3 1/2" rubber preformer/extruder

Used Dieffenbacher 3 1/2" rubber preformer/extruder, 10:1 l/d, jacketed barrel, power roll feed. Approx 7" x 32" long preform section, fly knife cutte. 1996. #34SL270