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Centrifuges for sale

Centrifuges for sale, industrial/commercial size used equipment including; basket centrifuges; continuous solid bowl an decanter centrifuge machines.

ATM/Sanborn, Bird, DeLaval, Ketema, Krauss Maffei, Sharples, Tolhurst, Western States, and occasionally different brands for sale. Different style centrifuges are used for different things such as: Drying sludges in wastewater treatment; As oil industry machinery to remove solids from drilling fluid or to separate water & solids from bitumen; used to separate fat from milk; and of course, there is the washing machine style centrifuge.

Used centrifuge for sale categories

Basket centrifuges brands include: ATM, Delaval, Krauss Maffei, Sharples, Western States, Sanborn.

Centrifuges - Bird, Dorr Oliver Merco, Sharples. More available.

Used Decanter centrifuges for sale: Alfa Laval decanter ; Dorr Oliver; Sharples, etc.

Used Bird continuous solid bowl centrifuge for sale

Special centrifugal equipment

Used Western States basket centrifuge for sale
Used-DeLaval-Mark-III-centrifuge for sale