Used rubber mixers

Used rubber mixers for sale

Used rubber mixers for sale. Internal rubber mixing equipment.

Used Nerpco NM internal rubber mixer, (Banbury type mixer), 2.6 Lbs batch, 100 cubic inches. Hopper opening approximately 4.5" x 6". Cored rotors for cooling. Closed loop hydraulic system - 40 HP. Mixer #001801ip

Used Farrel #9 rubber mixer for sale

Used Farrel #9 rubber mixer for sale-, 700 HP DC, 735 RPM. #15 quick disconnect rotors, jacketed chamber. #400011

Our used mixer for sale listing page has multi-use mixers. Mixers for plastic, rubber, powder and more. Some mixers, such as a Banbury mixer or other internal mixer can be used for mixing not just rubber, but asphalt, plastic, clay and a bunch of other stuff.