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Used basket centrifuges for sale

Used basket centrifuge for sale. Basket centrifuge machines, sometimes called centrifugal filters or clarifiers have various uses; sugar cane processing, industrial laundry & washing equipment; washing & drying of crystals & other material & parts. Vertical style basket centrifuge equipment can be used for breaking down, separating chemicals, pharmaceutical and other stuff.

Used 60x20 Western States Basket Centrifuge. All Stainless Steel. #18SL159

Used Sharples basket centrifuge, 60" X 20", SS, #36SL038

Used 60x26 Sharples basket centrifuge, 316 stainless steel basket, #36SL039

Used Western States centrifuge, 54" x 40" basket. 304 Stainless / Carbon steel basket, maximum 900 rpm. 7" Maximum cake thickness, #34SL094

900 R.P.M. is faster than a lot of other things spin.

Used 54x40 Western States perforated basket centrifuge. 304 Stainless/Carbon steel basket, maximum 900 rpm. 7'' Maximum cake thickness, 23.7 cubic fee. #34SL354

Used Krauss Maffei basket centrifuge, 49" x 32", 316 stainless steel basket. #36SL036

Used DeLaval/ATM/Sanborn Basket Centrifuge, 48" x 30", stainless steel, 1150 RPM. #19SL213

Used 48" x 30" Ametek perforated basket centrifuge, 316 stainless steel. #21SL499

Used 48 x 30 Bird Ketema basket centrifuge, perforated. 1080 RPM. Hastelloy C-276. #36SL847

Used 48x30 DeLaval Mark III Basket Centrifuge, 316 stainless steel. #19SL746

Used 48 x 30 DeLaval Mark III automatic perforated basket centrifuge, rubber lined, top load, bottom discharge, 1000 RPM, #15SL954

Used 48" x 30" Western States perforated basket centrifuge, 1150 RPM. All stainless steel. #24SL642

Used 40" x 24" Sharples basket centrifuge, 1500 RPM. 316 stainless steel.. #15SL114

Used 40" x 24" Tolhurst basket centrifuge. Hastelloy C-276 on product contact surfaces. No power pack. #27SL597

Used 30 x 18 Tolhurst Basket Centrifuge, Hastelloy C-276 construction, basket. 1450 RPM, 95 lb/c.f. density. #25SL07

Used Ametek 30" x 18" hastelloy basket centrifuge, 1450 RPM. 95 #/cubic ft material density. Stainless steel. #24SL980

Used 24" x 12" Tolhurst basket centrifuge, 1400 RPM basket speed. 109 #/cubic ft material density. 316 stainless steel. #38SL602