Rubber injection presses, injection molding machines

Used rubber injection presses, molder for sale

Used rubber injection presses, molder for sale, injection molding machines include Lewis top injection press and a Desma bottom rubber injection machine. Horizontal injection screw, vertical injection mold machines.

Used Lewis 200 ton rubber injection press, 5 Lb shot, top injection. 18" x 18"x3 1/2" electric platens. 11.5" to 21" adjustable opening.. Plunger cylinder 6" bore, 17" stroke. Power roll feed. #00791-ip

Used Desma 90 ton rubber injection press, 1 Lb shot, bottom injection. Tie rod spacing = 12.2". Injector is 2.6" diameter with 4.7" stroke, 22,000 PSI. Updated control system. Item #00628-ip.

Used 75 ton Desma silicone rubber injection press, .28L, new in 1985. With double mold eqectors. Injection moulding machines in UK. Other presses available in Europe. #IM0001