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Used 12" Bolling hot feed rubber extruder, 4:1 L/D, 16" x 18" feed throat. 12"Beringer screen changer. 300 HP AC (with AC inverter). Gear box 21.35/1 ratio. #400004

Bolling 12" rubber extruder for sale.

10" Farrel 7:1 hot feed extruder, rubber. No motor. 48" jacketed barrel, 28" feed section, stuffer, cored screw. Gear box - 17.804:1. Reconditioned in 1991. #F31SL457

Farrel 10" rubber extruder.

10" NRM 7:1L/D hot feed rubber extruder. Cored screw, rotary union. 5' barrel. 12" x 12" feed throat. 25.05:1 gear box, 125 HP DC motor - belt driven. #F15SL837

used NRM rubber extruder

Used Berstorff 8" ram fed hot rubber extruder, dual head jacketed barrel. Rotary union for screw cooling and hydraulic pumping system for ram feed. #400100x

Berstorff rubber extruder picture

Used Royal 6", 4:1 L/D hot feed rubber extruder, 50 HP DC, 5 zones - 3 on barrel and 1 on bolt on die head, 7" x 4" feed throat, 42" centerline, control panel. #00951IP

Royal rubber extruder, machine painted

Used 4.50" NRM cold feed rubber extruder, 17:1, jacketed barrel, power roll feeder, 125 HP DC, 21.28/1 ratio, SCR, control panel. #repx8455

The rubber extruder is for sale near Cleveland, Ohio.

Used 4 1/2" NRM hot feed rubber extruder, 4.5:1 L/D. 40 HP DC, 850 - 1600 RPM. #di001.

Rubber extruder for sale in Akron, Ohio.

3 used NRM 4 1/2" hot feed rubber extruders, same as above extruder. 1 has a power roll feed. (3) 40 HP motors in warehouse to go with these extruders. #'s wh7, wh8 and wh9.

This extruder is for sale in Akron, Ohio.

Used 4 1/4" NRM hot feed rubber extruder, 17:1 L/D, no motor. Plasti-screw. Vacuum vented. Power roll feed/ 1983. #di002

Extruder came from N.Y.C., New York.

Used 4 1/2" nrm cold feed plastiscrew rubber extruder, 12:1 L/D. No motor. Power roll feed. 30.29:1, reducer. (Spare 8:1 L/D screw/barrel). #di003

Just a picture of the extruder.

Used Royal 4 1/2" hot feed rubber extruder, 7:1 L/D. 3 barrel zones, 1 die zone, electrically heated, no motor or screw. #16SL847

Used Royal 3" rubber extruder, 6 1/2 gallon capacity, 15 HP. #AMV676

Extruder - Front view showing the hot feed screw.

Used Royal 2" rubber extruder, more information to be added. Royal dump extruders also for sale, 8" and 10". #AMV677

Extruder front view, showing the end of the screw. Painted white, looks nice.

Used 2" Deltaplast rubber extruder, 24:1 L/D cold feed screw. Elec. heated & air cooled, jacketed, 25 horsepower, SCR controls. Has a power roll feed. Stock #45SL255

Deltaplast used extruder close picture of the cold feed extruder screw in front where the rubber comes out.

Used Brabender 1 1/2", 15:1 L/D cold feed rubber extruder, electric heated water cooled barrel, power roll feeder, cross head die with controls. Extruder #36SL562

Extruder picture.

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