Continuous solid bowl centrifuges

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Used continuous solid bowl centrifuges for sale

Used industrial continuous solid bowl centrifuges for sale, these machines are used to separate & mix product & chemicals by spinning.

This industrial machinery will get the job done, but don't get inside or you will get dizzy. The manufacturers of this selection of equipment include: Bird, Dorr Oliver Merco, Sharples. 36x96 - 2450 RPM max, 4000 RPM. 316 stainless steel, more.

Bird horizontal continuous solid bowl centrifuges, 36x96, 2450 RPM max, stainless steel construction, 150 H.P. AS IS, WHERE IS. 17SL498

Sharples 2000 RPM Continuous Solid Bowl Centrifuge, Model PM-95000, 316 stainless steel. #16SL863

16 liter continuous solid bowl centrifuge, Dorr Oliver Merco, 4000 RPM maximum speed, 316 stainless steel. #36SL27