Used ploughshare mixers/plow blenders for sale

Used Ploughshare mixers/plow blenders for sale

Used Ploughshare mixers/plow blenders: 315 liter to 15,000 liter stainless steel (APS) American process Systems, Eirich, Littleford, Lodige. Machinery used for heavy duty wet/dry powder, paste mixing in the food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical industries.

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Used Lodige 8000 liter ploughshare mixer, dryer. SS. Approximately 2400-5600 liter working capacity. 500mm and 200mm inlets and 150mm outlet. Rated 8 bar at 215 c. Blades driven by a 33 motor. #400035X

Used 315 CF APS Ploughshare mixer, 400 HP. 7000 lb batch size (Approximately 9000 liter). (6) 20 HP choppers, stainless steel. #40025X

Used 15000 liter Lodige ploughshare mixer/blender, stainless steel. 6000 - 11000 litre working capacity, 15000 total capacity. Becker mixing blades driven by 40 Kw motor. Has 6 choppers, can have 12. Item #400026X

Used Eirich 335CF plow mixer, 6 high speed choppers, 400 HP. (12800 liters). Stainless steel, jacketed. #400027X

Used Littleford plow mixer 22 CF, stainless steel, 12.9 CF working capacity, jacketed chamber, standard plows, (2) 5 H.P. choppers, 25 H.P. main drive, 42" discharge. Model FKM600D. #38SL00X