Used ball mills for sale

Used ball mills and pebble jar mills for sale. Equipment used for grinding or mixing crushed ores, ceramic materials, cement, glass, coal, fertilizer, refractory material, paint & more.

Examples of ball milling equipment use is for production of cement powders; use mills for ore dressing for both non-ferrous & ferrous metals. Basically, a ball mill is an important machine needed to grind crushed materials. Also for sale is other ball milling equipment known as "pebble jar mills". Different mills are lined with different stuff or different industrial uses, such as; Alumina brick lined, brick lined, burstone lined or ceramic lined. Contact Davey Industries.

Allis Chalmers, Abbe Engineering, Netzsch, Patterson, Paul O Abbe, Stoneware, Vicentini.

Used 10' x 16' Allis Chalmers ball mill, 1000 hp direct drive motor, 180 rpm. Type ts. 1.5" thick manganese liners. Drive and lube system. #400220x

Used 72" x 54" Netzsch ball mill, carbon steel construction. 4 bar internal pressure. 6200 liter capacity. 15 kw 230/460 volt motor drive, outboard roller bearings. 1981. #28SL076

Used 60" x 72" Paul O Abbe Pebble mill. 40 hp motor (Approximately). 13.61:1 gear box ratio, 128.02 output RPM. On carbon steel legs. #35SL545

Used Allis Chalmer ball mill, 6 x 14. (rebuilt). 300 hp, 1180 rpm motor with drive, or 250 hp motor with gear reducer drive. Spout feed. New overflow discharge. Rubber liners. Discharge trommel. #400221x

Used 57" x 57" Paul O Abbe ball mill. Brick lined. 630 gallon capacity. Driven by a 15 HP, 875 RPM motor. 13" x 15" charge/discharge. #32SL059

Used 32" x 36" Paul O Abbe pebble mill, carbon steel construction. Ceramic lined. Approximately 5 hp motor. #24SL584

Used 32" x 27" Vicentini ball/pebble mill, stainless steel contact surfaces. Belt driven, 1 hp motor drive. Year: 1989. #26SL913

Used 30" x 34" Paul O Abbe ball mill, model PM-6. Ceramic lined. Jacketed for 15 PSI at 250 F. 3 hp 575 volt motor. 2001. #36SL329

Used 18" x 16" Abbe Engineering ball mill, 2 cubic ft/18 gallon. Porcelain Lined Chamber. 6-1/2" charge/discharge port. Gear motor: 1/2 HP, 3/60/208-220/440 volt, 1725/1425 RPM. #32SL058

Used 5' x 6' Patterson ball mill. Alumina brick lined. 40 hp motor, 11.39:1 gearbox ratio, 155 output RPM. Mill #35SL546

Used 5' x 6' Paul O Abbe ball mill. Alumina brick lined, on carbon steel legs. (Approximately 40 hp motor). Falk gearbox 13.61:1 ratio, 128.02 output RPM, with controls. #34SL883

Used 5' x 5' Stoneware pebble mill, carbon steel. Burstone lined. 10 H.P. gear head drive, 220/440 volt. #17SL355