Used dual shaft shredders for sale

Used dual shaft shredders for sale. Plastic, vinyl, rubber, wood size reduction capital equipment. These are industrial/commercial size shredders used for scrap size reduction of rubber, plastic, vinyl, wood & more into manageable pieces. Examples: Tires, pallets, electronic components shredding.

Some of the shredders include: Ball & Jewell, Cumberland, Jacobson, Reduction Technologies, Scott, Shredding Systems Inc., Weil, more. Shredders, sometimes referred to as "grinders, granulators", which are different types of machines, these machines also break up/reduce plastic, wood, paper, rubber and other waste/scrap, but use different ways. These machines utilize horizontal, (two) rotors with notches, or other to shred up plastic, tires, wood, glass, etc into manageable sizes - equipment does not pulverize the rubber or whatever is thrown in to the machine. These shredders are used for an initial/primary size reduction stage, breaking up plastic scrap, or whatever gets thrown in there, after that this reduced scrap can be put into a different shredding/grinding/granulating or pulverizing system for further size reduction. Some of the shredders available include; Holtzmag, Linder, Weima. Single shaft is only one of a few different types of shredding systems, one example of another type is "single shaft/one shaft". All equipment may not be listed on this website, you should contact Davey Industries to see what is for sale.

Equipment listing

Used 60 hp Reduction Technologies dual shaft shredder. 20" x 42" - Hopper with pre-breaker - lift/dumper with 60"w x 36"d x 36" high hopper - 230/460 volt main drive - Shredder: 29SL915

Used 30hp Weil dual shaft shredder, 20" x 28" feed opening, independently driven shafts with 15 HP, 440 volt motors, 1.25" wide blades, with feed hopper on stand. #36SL828

Used 25 hp Jacobson dual shaft shredder, 20" x 30" feed opening, 28 RPM shaft speed on base with 230/460 volt motor, model 2030 HTS, new 2001. Shredder: 27SL558

Used Ball & Jewell 20 HP dual rotor shredder, 21" x 21" feed opening, model SB10/480X. #400008

Used shredding system 40" feed opening, 2 dual shaft shredders. Primary shredder 32 knives & 10 hp. 2nd shredder has 48 knives & is 20 hp - 230/460 volts.. Both with 40" x 21" feed opening. Shredder system 33SL736

Used 10 hp Scott dual shaft shredder with a 15" x 15" chamber, model cr1515 DWD, machine #23698