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Used rubber machinery for sale, equipment includes used rubber calenders, used rubber presses, used rubber cutters, rubber extruders, injection presses, rubber mills, rubber mixers, pelletizing lines, pre-formers, hydraulic presses (slab side, post press and lab presses).

Used rubber machinery for sale categories

Partial listing of equipment below here.

Used Taylor rubber cutter, 8 knife rotor with pneumatic stuffer and feed conveyor, 200 HP. #21SL166

Used Taylor rubber cutter, pneumatic rotor cutter.
Whiptastic guillotine rubber cutter.
Reynolds bale cutter.

Used 18" bale cutter, 23" feed, 19" discharge, #33SL584

Used 18" rubber sheet cutter. Bale cutter.

Used Lewis 200 ton rubber injection press, 5 Lb shot, top injection. 18" x 18" x 3 1/2" electric platens. #00791-ip

Used Lewis 200 ton rubber injection press.

Used Desma 90 ton rubber injection press, 1 Lb shot, bottom injection. 24.50 cubic inch shot size. Platens = 11.8" x 15.7". #00628-ip.

Used Desma rubber injection press.
Used Bolling intensive mixer.

Used Farrel 00 Banbury mixer, cabinet style, 7 batch capacity, 263 cubic", 30/15 hp, full controls, item #rmx2

Used Farrel 00 Banbury mixer, cabinet style.

F80 Banbury rubber mixing machine, 132 Lb capacity, 4 wing rotor, #px9280

Used Farrel Banbury F80 mixer.

Used Farrel #9 continuous rubber mixer, 700 H.P. DC, 735 RPM. #15 quick disconnect rotors. #400011

Used Farrel #9 continuous mixer.

Used Wabash rubber lab press, with 18" of daylight, 7" hydraulic ram stroke, #rp2

Used Wabash rubber press.

Used 50 ton Lauffer buscher rubber post press with 24" platens, an 8" ram, 5" of daylight opening. #rp3

Used Lauffer rubber press.

Used Dake rubber post press with 19" x 19" platens, #frp10

Dake hydraulic rubber press.

Used 450 ton Adamson rubber press, 30" platens, 24" ram diameter. 24" ram stroke, 32" opening, #adss

Adamson hydraulic rubber press.

Used Wabash rubber post press, 112 ton, 20" x 20" platens, 9" ram, 12" daylight, 12" hydraulic ram stroke, #rp9

Used Wabash rubber post press with 20" x 20" platens.

Used tmp high temperature vacuum press, 80 ton, 18" x 18" platens, #rp13

TMP high vacuum rubber press.

Used Wabash hydraulic rubber press, 100 ton slab side with 16" x 17" platens, 52" daylight, press #frp1

Used Wabash 100 ton hydraulic rubber press.

Used Hull rubber lab press, 8" plattens, 12" daylight, 12" ram stroke. More lab presses available. #rp1

Used Hull rubber press.

Used Bolling underwater rubber pelletizer, 12", 10"1 L/D with (1) Bolling intensive mixer, 2500 H.P. (1) The Bolling extruder, 600 H.P., and other equipment. #400001

Used Bolling rubber pelletizer.

Used 8" Davis Standard rubber pelletizing line, 12:1 L/D, 300 H.P. extruder. (1) Farrel 80 liter mixer (1) Classifier (1) #7 pellet machine and spin dryer. #300001

Davis Standard rubber pelletizing line.