Used Rubber Machinery

Used rubber machinery for sale, equipment includes used rubber calenders, used rubber presses, used rubber cutters, rubber extruders, injection presses, rubber mills, rubber mixers, pelletizing lines, pre-formers, hydraulic presses (slab side, post press and lab presses).

Used rubber machinery for sale

Partial rubber equipment listings below

Partial listings of used rubber machinery for sale below. You can choose a machinery category above or somewhere below to see more equipment.

Used 3 roll rubber calender, 60" x 22", 150 HP reliance motor. SCR variable speed. calender #001200ip.

Used rubber calender.

Used Farrel 4 roll calender, 15" x 8" , 15" x 8" (Farrel Bridge) #PX8489V

Used Farrel 4 roll z rubber calender.

Used Taylor rubber cutter, 8 knife rotor with pneumatic stuffer and feed conveyor, 200 HP. #21SL166

Used Taylor rubber cutter, pneumatic rotor cutter.
Whiptastic guillotine rubber cutter.
Reynolds bale cutter.

Used 18" bale cutter, 23" feed, 19" discharge, #33SL584

Used 18" rubber sheet cutter. Bale cutter.

Used Royal 4 1/2" hot feed rubber extruder, 7:1 L/D, 3 barrel & 1 die zone. No motor or screw. Extruder: #16SL847

Used Royal hot rubber feed extruder.

Used Lewis 200 ton rubber injection press, 5 Lb shot, top injection. 18" x 18" x 3 1/2" electric platens. #00791-ip

Used Lewis 200 ton rubber injection press.

Used Desma 90 ton rubber injection press, 1 Lb shot, bottom injection. 24.50 cubic inch shot size. Platens = 11.8" x 15.7". #00628-ip.

Used Desma rubber injection press.

Used Thiriau 71" x 24", 2 roll rubber mill, 30 degree incline, 1/1,12 friction ratio, pinion and bull gear drive. #400009.

Used Thiriau rubber mill.

Used Nippon 60" x 22" rubber mill, 2 roll mill. (2) 45 Kw motors, 1 to each roll. #400010

Used Nippon 60" x 22" rubber mill.

Used Intercole Bolling intensive rubber mixer, 30# batch capacity ,250 hp DC ,scr control 8.75:1 ratio reducer quantity - 1 Item rmx1

Used Bolling intensive mixer.

Used Farrel 00 Banbury mixer, cabinet style, 7 batch capacity, 263 cubic", 30/15 hp, full controls, item rmx2

Used Farrel 00 Banbury mixer, cabinet style.

F80 Banbury rubber mixing machine, 132 Lb capacity, 4 wing rotor, FYH dust stops, roller bearings, 400 hp DC motor, 1150/1500 RPM...Mixer px9280

Used Farrel Banbury F80 mixer.

Used Farrel #9 continuous rubber mixer, 700 H.P. DC, 735 RPM. #15 quick disconnect rotors. Includes hydraulic pumping system, controls, more...#400011

Used Farrel #9 continuous mixer.

Used Farrel 00 Banbury mixer with 263 cubic inch jacketed chamber, 7 lb batch size, cored rotors, 30/15 hp, full controls. Mixer #14SL292

Farrel model 00 Banbury mixer.

Used Wabash rubber lab press, with 18" of daylight, 7" hydraulic ram stroke, #rp2

Used Wabash rubber press.

Used 50 ton Lauffer buscher rubber post press with 24" platens, an 8" ram, 5" of daylight opening. #rp3

Used Lauffer rubber press.

Used Dake rubber post press with 19" x 19" platens, #frp10

Dake hydraulic rubber press.

Used 450 ton Adamson rubber press, 30" platens, 24" ram diameter. 24" ram stroke, 32" opening, #adss

Adamson hydraulic rubber press.

Used Wabash rubber post press, 112 ton, 20" x 20" platens, 9" ram, 12" daylight, 12" hydraulic ram stroke, #rp9

Used Wabash rubber post press with 20" x 20" platens.

Used tmp high temperature vacuum press, 80 ton, 18" x 18" platens, 10" ram, 12" stroke, (2) 6" daylight openings, comes with nice controls. #rp13

TMP high vacuum rubber press.

Used Wabash hydraulic rubber press, 100 ton slab side with 16" x 17" platens, 52" daylight, press #frp1

Used Wabash 100 ton hydraulic rubber press.

Used Hull rubber lab press, 8" plattens, 12" daylight, 12" ram stroke. More lab presses available. #rp1

Used Hull rubber press.

Used Barwell rubber performer, 10" x 56" barrel. Includes controls, hydraulic pumping system. Max batch weight 65 KG (140 pounds). #px8097

Used Barwell rubber performer with a 65 kilogram batch size.

Used Dieffenbacher 3 1/2" rubber performer/extruder, 10:1 l/d, jacketed barrel, power roll feeder. Approximately 7" x 32" long pre-form section, fly knife cutter, operator panel, 75 hp, 1996. #34SL270

Used Dieffenbacher 3 1/2" rubber performer.

Used Bolling underwater rubber pelletizer, 12", 10"1 L/D with (1) Bolling intensive mixer, 2500 H.P. (1) The Bolling extruder, 600 H.P., and other equipment. #400001

Used Bolling rubber pelletizer.

Used 8" Davis Standard rubber pelletizing line, 12:1 L/D, 300 H.P. extruder. (1) Farrel 80 liter mixer (1) Classifier (1) #7 pellet machine and spin dryer. #300001

Davis Standard rubber pelletizing line.