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Used decanter centrifuges for sale

Used decanter centrifuges for sale. Decanter centrifuges are are industrial equipment used to spin and separate cake and other stuff in manufacturing processes. This type of decanter equipment is horizontal style. Used Alfa Laval, Dorr Oliver Merco, Sharples industrial size centrifuges and dewatering machines.

Used 1780 RPM Sharples decanter centrifuge, Super-D-Canter PM-76000, 317 stainless steel, 300 h.p. 34SL512

Used 16 liter Dorr Oliver Merco decanter centrifuge, 316 stainless steel, 4000 rpm. Model NX314B-31G. #36SL272

Used 2600 RPM Sharples Decanter centrifuge. Super-D-Canter DS-706, 317, 300hp, 1780 rpm drive, no motor. #34SL513

Used Sharples dry solids design decanter centrifuge, (DS-706 Super-D-Canter), 316/317 stainless steel, 2600 rpm. #37SL535

Used 140" x 40" Sharples decanter centrifuge, 400 hp drive with voith fluid coupling. 316 stainless steel.. #400101x

Used Sharples pm35000memk2 decanter, with qx conveyor. Includes control panel, more...#400102x

Used 10' Sharples decanter centrifuge, (10' contour bowl), 125 hp. Model P5400. #400103x

Unused Sharples sanitary decanter centrifuge. Stainless steel. Model p5000. #400104x

Used 24" x 98" Alfa Laval decanter, 2700 RPM. #25SL548

Used Alfa Laval 24" x 98" decanter centrifuge, 140 GPM, 2700 RPM. 2600 Gs. #25SL549