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Used Banbury mixers

Used Farrel Banbury mixers for sale, including - F80 Banbury, BR Banbury, OO Farrel Banbury, OOc Banbury, Farrel Banbury lab mixers also, both cabinet style & drop door design. Partial listing, more Banbury mixing equipment available.

Used Farrel F80 Banbury mixer, drop door design, 80 liter/4480 cubic inches, 132 lb batch size, 4 wing rotors, 600 hp DC, SCR controls, 3 zone temperature control panel, Mixer #27SL984

Used Farrel F80 Banbury mixer #27SL984

Used F80 Farrel Banbury mixer, 600 h.p. with an 80 liter rubber mixing chamber, 4 wing rotors and cored rotary unions. 600 h.p. 1150 r.p.m. dc motor connected to a Lufkin unidrive gearbox with a 19.16:1 ratio. Has SCR. 1998. #32SL551

Used F80 Banbury mixer, 132 Lb capacity (80 liter). 4 wing rotor, FYH dust stops, roller bearings & 18" OD floating weight ram. 400 hp DC, 1150/1500 RPM...Mixer px9280

Used Farrel Banbury F80 mixing machine for sale with an 80 liter mixing chamber. 4 wing cored rotors with rotary unions. 600 h.p. motor connected to a gearbox with a 19.16:1 ratio. Has silicon controlled rectifier and controls. #32SL552

Used #9 Banbury mixer, slide door, 500/250 HP, 900/450 RPM, 46/23 rotor RPM. Batch size is 265 lbs at a specific gravity of 1. Lufkin gearbox with 19.6:1 ratio and 900 RPM input. #001196IP

Used 11D Banbury mixer, 260 liter batch capacity, drop door discharge. 1500 HP, 2300 volt AC input. #400023

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Used 3A Banbury mixer, 116 lb batch capacity, slide door discharge, bull gear and pinion drive, no motor. Cored body. Floating weight, operator controls. No longer installed. #400022

Used model 1 Banbury mixer, 27 pound batch capacity, air actuated discharge, floating weight with air cylinder. 100/50 HP AC, 1160/580 RPM, 9.0 reduction ratio. Rebuilt in 1992. Has controls. Item #400024

Used Farrel BR Banbury mixer, 96 cubic inch jacketed chamber, 2.6 lb batch size, cored rotors, 7 /12 hp with variable speed, 3/60/230 volt, feed hopper, Mixer #14SL290

Used Banbury BR side discharge mixer for plastic/rubber processing, stainless steel, 2 wing rotors, swing side discharge, single slope V bottom, corded chamber. #37SL966

Used Banbury BR side discharge mixer #36SL966

Used 00 Banbury mixer, 263 cubic inch jacketed chamber, 7 lb batch size, cored rotors, 30/15 hp, full controls. Mixer #14SL292

Used Farrel 00 Banbury mixer, model OO, lab mixers, 263 cu. in. jacketed chamber, 7 lb. batch size, cored rotors, feed hopper. Mixer #14SL293

Used 00C Farrel Banbury mixer, mixing batch weight of around 7 lbs. Mixing chamber net volume is 258 cubic inch. Cored 2 wing rotors made of tungsten. Has a 4 speed 3 phase GE motor. #39SL426

Used Farrel OOc Banbury mixer, drop door design, 4.24 liter chamber, 2 wing cored rotors with rotary unions, 8" x 3" feed opening, 50 hp, 1775 rpm, 14.08:1 gear ratio 13.5 kw Delta T TCU unit, 3 zone, Mixer #33SL060

Second hand Banbury OOc mixer, 40 HP DC. Mixer #DI31