Used rubber pelletizers

Used rubber pelletizer and pelletizing systems

Used rubber pelletizer and pelletizing systems for sale. Used underwater rubber pelletizer including Bolling extrusion pelletizing line, Farrel Banbury F80 rubber mixing/pelletizing lines, Farrell 3D Skinner Banbury rubber mixing/pelletizer system. Banbury mixing/pelletizing lines both with Gala #7 underwater mixers. About a dozen more extruder pelletizer lines and mixing/hot feed pelletizing lines available.

Used 12" Bolling underwater rubber pelletizer system, 10:1 L/D, hot feed. Includes (2) K-Tron feeders, (1) Bolling intensive mixer - 2500 HP. (1) 12" Bolling extruder with 48" feed section and 80" barrel. #400001 See more...

Used 8" underwater rubber pelletizing line, Davis Standard 12:1 extruder (New 2009) 300 HP. (1) Gala #7 pelletizer and spin dryer. (1) Witte SS classifier. Line fed by F80 Banbury mixer, 4 wing rotors, 80 liter/132 lb batch size, 800 HP. #300001