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Used Rubber presses for sale

Used hydraulic presses for sale - rubber molding press types include 4 post press and slab side presses. Rubber presses are our specialty. Manufacturers include: Adamson, Albert, Clifton, Dake, Dominion, French Oil, Hull, J.H. Wood, Krauss Maffei, Modern, Laufer-Buscher, TMP, Wabash.

Rubber press categories

Used 2000 ton Krauss Maffei hydraulic post press, 96" x 76" platens, 73 x 76 nominal bed size, 95" max daylight opening, 51" max stroke. #001506IP

Krauss Maffei hydraulic rubber press

Used 1200 ton Dominion hydraulic post press, 60" x 60" nominal bed. Down-acting. 122" opening, 80" stroke. Pressure adjustable from 450-2100 PSI; 9" prefill valve. 150 ton stripping force. PLC control system. #001477IP

Dominion hydraulic post press, used

Used 1000 ton Adamson hydraulic rubber press with 42" x 42" electric platens, 30" of daylight opening.

adamson hydraulic press

Used 1000 ton French Oil hydraulic rubber press, 42 x 45 nominal bed size. 41.5 daylight, 30" stroke, 63" operator height. Refurbished ram. New gland ring, guides and seal. #001679IP

French Oil rubber press

Used Clifton 1000 ton hydraulic press, 17" x 24" bed. Platens: 23" x 24". Daylight: 21.25”. Ram: 21". Stroke: 10" (approx). Optional enclosure with door and window. Hydraulic system. #01971IP.

Clifton hydraulic post press press, painted blue

Used 450 ton Adamson rubber press with 30" platens, 24" ram diameter, 24" ram stroke, Control hydraulic, 32" opening. #adss

adamson rubber press

Used 800 ton rubber press, 40" x 50" platens, 75" opening, 36" stroke, up acting slab side. #00100IP

800 ton slab side press

Used 500 ton slab side hydraulic rubber press, 32" x 32", 25" daylight, 20" stroke. With 45 degree guides. Four bolt flange, 44.5" operator height. #001376IP

Hydraulic press painted blue

Used 350 ton rubber 4 post hydraulic rubber press, 25.5" x 24". 13" - 30" adjustable daylight. 18" ram, approximately 12" stroke. 5 hp Racine hydraulic unit. Press #00200IP

Hydraulic post press painted green

Used 250 ton hydraulic post press, 48" x 48" bed. 48.5” daylight, 18” stroke. Main ram: 14”. Two double-acting side cylinders. Operator height: 54”. No controls or hydraulics. Has manual. #P01144.

Hydraulic press in the factory

Used 200 ton hydraulic rubber post press, 33" x 24" between posts, 52" opening. Controls, hydraulic unit and heated platens. #di031

Rubber press has lots of space between platens

Used Albert 200 ton 4 hydraulic post press, 24" x 24"bed. Daylight 17". Stroke: 16". Ram 16" diameter. Operator height: 38". Press #P00593

Used Modern 150 ton hydraulic rubber post press, 20" x 20" platens. 150 ton, 20" x 20" platens, 16" daylight opening. Item rp4

Modern hydraulic press in the warehouse

Used 80 ton TMP slab side hydraulic rubber press, 18" x 18" platens, 12" daylight. rp13

TMP hydraulic press with the separate controls

Used dake hydraulic press with 19x19 platens. Rubber press #rp10

Used hydraulic rubber press in good condition

Used Hull lab rubber press, with hydraulic unit, 15" plattens, 12" opening. #rp1

Used 75 ton J.H. Wood lab rubber press, 18" x 18" electric heated platens. 5" daylight, 6" stroke. 42" operator height. 5 hp hydraulic power unit with 35 gallon tank. Controls. Press #P01513.

Control unit separate from the press

Used Laufer-Buscher 50 ton rubber post press, 24" x 24" platens, 25" opening. rp3

Rubber press platens enclosed for temperature control

Used 30 ton Wabash hydraulic lab press, 12" x 12" platens and 2 daylight openings. 1.5 hydraulic pump. #26SL832

Small wabash press, with contros built onto unit.

Used hydraulic rubber presses for sale recently added partial listing

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We manufacture slab side hydraulic presses to your specifications, see new rubber presses.